The Masters Community

The Masters Community

An opportunity for our members to ski faster by skiing better. We offer personalized coaching so you can improve technique and fitness with stimulating drills, video, fast skiing, fun and camaraderie.

We have SEVEN NEW PROGRAMS for Masters in the 2018/2019 season!

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NEW Freedom Pass
Access to all programs, All Season
$400 or 4 monthly payments of $100.
Want to attend more than one session each week? The Freedom Pass gives you access to all our group offerings at one low price for the season. Think of it as a membership to our on-snow gym. This all-access pass is limited to the first 20 purchasers this season.
This is a great value for those looking to ski in our programs more than one day a week.
The Freedom Pass provides access to programming only and does not replace your season pass for trail use.

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Am I A Master?
Being a part of the CB Nordic Masters Community doesn’t mean that you’ve “mastered” the sport of Nordic skiing, it is just a differentiation from our “Youth” or school-aged skier programs. Our Masters Community programs are open to anyone and everyone that has aged out of our Youth Programs.

Compliment your Masters training with CORE conditioning