What’s Kickin’

Wondering what kick wax to throw on? Here you go: the first edition of What’s Kickin’ by our own Matt Muir, guru of all things nordic:


Cloud cover and short days near the solstice with low sun angles are keeping the groomed snow surface relatively stable. Groomers have not reset classic track for at least a few days–with the exception of Ruthie’s–for fear of punching through and contaminating the early season snow depth.

Saturday the 6th from about 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon on the west side, classic tracks between town and Magic Meadows had mild and occasional spots of glazing but otherwise worked satisfactorily with violet range kick waxes (hard or “dry” waxes).

From Magic Meadows through the GB Loop, the snow is still powdery in the tracks and violet range kick waxes worked well.

Vauhti K15 and Swix VR50 both kicked well. The Vauhti may have been a little more versatile and a little freer (better glide) but it came down to splitting hairs between the two. The old violet range stand-by, Rode Violet, was next in line for testing but never got applied because both the K15 and VR50 worked fine.

Early and morning skiers may want to start with typical blue range kick wax. Ski*Go HF Blue may be a good start due to its wide range applicability especially in older snow. With the recent daytime high temperatures reaching the upper 30s, violet range waxes are good to have on hand.

As for glide paraffin, no good testing has been done but it is the Rockies after all so put on a blue like Swix CH/LF 6 or the super fast Holmenkol Matrix Blue and enjoy reliable, good glide virtually all season.

~ Matt Muir

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