Thursday January 26th 2017: Red Lady Loop is the Winner for Today

Good Morning!
It is currently -15 Degrees F here in the Town of Crested Butte.
Today’s Grooming Report.
All Trail Systems are open.
Westside: All Open for both classic and skate technique. Groomed earlier this morning.
Ruthies Run/The Bench: All groomed this morning.
Town Ranch, Riverbend, Rec Path…All ready to go for both skate and classic technique.
Mordor Trail not opened but hopefully by tomorrow.
That is all for now.

Today Wax:
Kick- Toko Red or Skigo purple HF (3 layers) (cover with one thin layer of Skigo XC green)
Glide- Toko Red or Skigo LF Blue/ (Ski Go LF Green, morning wax)