Tuesday April 9, 2019

Tuesday April 9, 2019

That’s it, folks! The bridges are out, there’s more snow on the way, and the stuff that’s out there is melting fast! 

During these extended spring seasons, please remember there are NO NEW USES of any trail, whether we are grooming or not- please only ski on ski trails (no crust cruising unless you are 100% certain you are on public land), only fat bike on fat bike trails, and only bring your dog on dog friendly trails (and please, please, please pick up after your dog!). This is a PRIVATE PROPERTY issue! Please help us keep landowner relations positive and show the world what good, respectful users we are here in the Gunnison Valley. 

Most of our amazing staff are done for the summer, but Christie, Andrew, Brittany, Molly and Hannah will be around if you have any questions. Thanks for a fantastic season at CB Nordic!

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