Trail Report for Saturday, 2-20-16

And they’re off!  Racers of the Gothic Mountain Tour left at 6 am this morning in single digits, but now it is up to 16 degrees at 7:30 am, and will again rise to about 40 degrees.  We have a few sulking clouds which will resolve into mostly sunny skies.

We started to groom the west side trails – the south half of Pooch’s Paradise, Red Lady Loop and Kapushion all got groomed – but then our groomer’s wife had a baby!  Congrats!  Our relief groomer is hurrying out to groom the rest as fast as he can.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  All the east side trails were groomed yesterday.  Once the sun hits those and softens them, they should be in great shape, as powder snow was integrated into the ice, making for a great, fast but skiable surface.

The Gothic Mountain Tour racers will come down Mike’s Mile and be finishing at the Magic Meadows yurt – last year the fastest time was 4 hours (arriving at 10 am) and slowest time was 9 1/2 hours (arriving at 5:30 pm), so ski out and cheer their Herculean effort!