Trail Report for Saturday, 12/5/15

And a fluffy good morning!  We received 1 1/2 inches of downy snow overnight, with a 40% chance of less than an inch more today.  At 7:30 am it is 25 degrees and it should be partly cloudy with a high of about 30 degrees.

We are out grooming Ruthie’s Run right now (the 5 km loop right at the nordic center that goes up onto The Bench above), so that will be in fantastic shape within the hour.

Lily Lake, the 10 km loop at the Irwin Y 6.5 miles up Kebler Pass Road, is no longer being groomed by us, and the road is not being plowed passed the pavement.  However, it was heard that the Y is still accessible by the intrepid.

Only one more day to get the hot box special!  Our $35 deal ends this afternoon.  After that, you can still get the wonderful penetrating wax service for your skis, you just need to pay $45.

Come out and enjoy the new snow!  Any questions, look here at or give us a call at (970) 349-1707.