Trail Report for Saturday, 12/12/15

Hooray!  New snow!  We have 4 inches at 7:30 am and it is still coming down.  Another 3 inches or so are predicted for the rest of the day.  Our current temperature is 26, with the high being a few degrees higher, at around 32.

Ruthie’s Run (the 5 km loop at the nordic center and up onto the Bench) was groomed at 8 am for the race and is now, at 1 pm, being re-groomed with the cat.  We groomed Pooch’s Paradise and Mike’s Mile all the way to the GB loop this morning as well.

The 2nd in the Alley Loop race series went off wonderfully with many enthusiastic racers.  Thanks to you all for participating and all our wonderful volunteers for making it happen.

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