Trail Report for Friday, 1/8/16


Today is the Guinness Book of World Records Largest Multi-Venue Ski Lesson!  See below.

 At 7:30 am we have a temperature of 4 degrees, with cloudy skies and a forecasted high of 25 degrees.  It will continue to be cloudy and there is a 50 % chance of up to an inch of snow.

We groomed everything except Ruthie’s (the bench above the nordic center), Beaver Trail, Magic Meadows and Paradise Park.  They should all be in fine shape, however, with maybe an inch of snow from yesterday.  Mordor and the upper half of Middle Earth are still closed, but the lower half is open as is Skyland!  So hooray, terrific conditions for all types of skiing!  We apologize, our visual trail report mechanisms have been malfunctioning, so do not show the true grooming.  We hope to get them fixed soon.

Today is the Guinness Book of World Records Largest Multi-Venue Lesson!  All across the country ski areas are holding a lesson including us!  Come in at 10 am and take a classic lesson from us and YOU will be a record holder!!  We will give you a certificate to prove it.  The price will be reduced to accommodate all income levels.  If anyone doesn’t want the lesson, but would like to volunteer to be a witness for 15 minutes, please call 349-1707.

Tomorrow is the biggest fundraiser for our youth racing team.  It is called the Magic Meadows 7 and entails skiing for 7 hours in teams or individually in exchange for pledges to enable our young skiers to represent us at many venues.  For more information, look here at or call 349-1707.

For the ice rink schedule, paste the following link into your browser: