Trail Report December 23rd

Good Morning.  At 7:00 am, its 12 degrees, overcast, and we have a west wind of 12 mph.  Today we are suppose to have a high of 17 with partly cloudy conditions, and high winds.

System Wide:  Skating Good (Fair), and Classic Good (Fair).  The trails are firming up due to the combination of the grooming we have been doing, cold temperatures and high moisture snow we have received. Today the key will be staying out of the wind and sticking to the trees.  The recommend trails will be Ruthie’s Run, and the Magic Meadows area.

Groomed today: West and East Sides, and Ruthie’s Run (aka The Bench) by 9:00 am.  Pouches (past the Gronk), Paradise Park, and Mikes Mile will be closed due to avalanche conditions.  Please access Magic Meadows area from the Beaver Trail.

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