Trail Report December 1st 2014,

Good Morning, It’s 25 degrees at 7:30 am with overcast skies.  We have received 3 to 4 inches of new snow over night.  The high today should reach 36 degrees and be partly cloudy.

Both cats are out and running this morning.  They are currently working on Ruthie’s, and then will hit the East and West side trails.  Watch our GPS trail report for the most up to date trail grooming information.

Classic will be the better choice today due to the new snow and softer conditions.  The skate track will firm up as the day goes on.

This is our last day of our hot box wax special for $35.  We also have clothing on sale, so pick up logo ware, long under ware, pants and jackets for 20% to 50% off.  Check out our website for information, news, and upcoming events at