Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thursday, March 7, 2019

What a storm!  These conditions make Nordic skiing a little tricky, but get out there when you can!  Parts of our trail system were groomed this morning, while other parts are closed due to avalanche danger.  The East Side trails on the flats were groomed, as well as Pooch’s Paradise, Beaver Trail and Magic Meadows on the West Side.  Recommended skiing is on the East Side trails today.  Closures: Mike’s Mile, Paradise Park, Pooch’s between Peanut Lake Road and Peanut Lake, Ruthie’s Run, and the Ditch Trail.  Peanut Lake Road itself is also closed.

From the Crested Butte Avalanche Center: Not only is travel in avalanche terrain not recommended today, but you should be aware of any steep slope near and above you, even on commonly traveled corridors near town.  This includes small hills and terrain features near the towns of Crested Butte, Mt. Created Butte and CB South. The Caves in CB South, the Bench in Crested Butte, Peanut Lake Road, Kebler Pass trailhead and Sunlight Ridge and the Rec Path near Mt. CB are examples of areas that should be avoided today. Also be alert for roof-alanches! While our short lived rain event early last night shed many roofs, be aware of snow falling on parked cars and pedestrians.

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