The Masters Community

Nordic Programming for Adults of All Skill Levels!

Being a part of the CB Nordic Masters Community doesn’t mean that you’ve “mastered” the sport of nordic skiing, it is is just a differentiation from our “junior” or school-aged skier programs. Our Masters Community programs are open to anyone and everyone that has aged out of our youth programs.

We offer personalized coaching in small-group settings so you can improve technique and fitness with stimulating drills, video, fast skiing, fun, and camaraderie. The Masters Community one-hour classes are for all adult skiers, from beginners to experts, who want to learn to ski better and have more fun!

Masters Summer Training

We’re thrilled to partner with our good friends at CORE to offer outdoor and indoor summer dryland training options.

Join CB Nordic for 10 weeks of Masters Summer Training starting Tuesday, June 11th at 4 p.m. We’ll focus on nordic outdoor activities to keep you improving and strengthening your body for skiing through the off-season.

Simultaneously, CORE is offering a CB Nordic 10-Pack of Classes. This is not a specific class but an opportunity to select from various complimentary offerings. All CORE classes will translate to higher-quality skiing, running, and all the fun outdoor things. Work to improve your quality of movement from your core with more power, better balance, and improved efficiency.

You can sign up for CB Nordic classes for $135, CORE 10-Pack for $230, or bundle both options and save for $350. If you choose to bundle, purchase the 10-Pack from CORE first to receive a discount code for Masters.

P.S. CORE is generously donating 10% of each 10-Pack purchase back to CB Nordic.

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