The Masters Training Group

The Masters Training Group

An opportunity for our members to ski faster by skiing better.  We offer personalized coaching so you can improve technique and fitness with stimulating drills, video, fast skiing, fun and camaraderie.

Our Training Format

Each session will include a fun warmup with tips on the technique focus for the day.  We then break into 4 groups for more individualized coaching and skiing.  Each group will do technique skills and fast skiing appropriate for ability and fitness.  Our emphasis is on skiing faster by skiing better and is “coaching lite” – tips while skiing.  Minimal verbal coaching, lot’s of coaching while skiing and trail-side video during most workouts.

Our 4 groups will be…

  • Groups 1 & 2: Basic technique for novice level skiers with 2-3 steady intervals and continuous skiing; group 2 slightly more advanced. Great for people who do a variety of sports and want to ski faster to keep up with friends who ski better.
  • Group 3: strong, fit skiers with decent technique who want to ski better & faster and who do a couple races each winter. Intervals and continuous skiing are the core workout with tips & video during the intervals.
  • Group 4: racers who want a hard workout while getting specific tips for more efficient technique and ski specific strength & endurance. Workouts will be designed to build endurance & sound technique early in the season, with peaking intervals during peak race season.

You may change groups at any time and can even ski in one group for classic and a different group for skate.  You may even choose your group during warmup based on how you feel that day.

Our meeting spot changes each session for variety and best conditions. We classic one day and skate the other.  We scrutinize the weather and snow conditions on Sunday evening and choose the technique and location most advantageous for the Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday sessions.

All abilities are welcome, but experience in both classic & skate is valuable.