The Crested Butte Nordic Team

The Crested Butte Nordic Team

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  • What’s New in 2017/18

    An exciting program designed for middle school athletes to develop Nordic Skills while participating in thrilling outdoor activities such as powder skis, biathlon, jump days and adventure skis…BETTER TECHNIQUE, FASTER SKIING, AND MORE FUN!

    We are revamping our biathlon program so that athletes have regular opportunities to shoot and really hone in their skills.

    We are going to have an 8 to 1 athlete to coach ratio in every program we offer to ensure optimal athlete – coach relationships and individual attention for skill development.

    We will train and certify all of our coaches to ensure exceptional coaching for every skier at every level.

    We will offer the option to sign up for a year round program in the fall that goes through the summer and develops the athlete through strength and agility training as well as ski specific endurance training.

    Check back August 16th for the Full Program Guide and info on Registration.

  • Mission and Goals


    The mission of the CBNT is to provide young Nordic skiers and biathletes with exceptional coaching, training opportunities, and a healthy approach to sport. Our philosophy is that a fun, healthy, outdoor lifestyle is a great foundation for growth. To this end, our organization strives to provide programing that will appeal to recreational and competitive skiers alike. Ultimately, we hope participants will become life-long skiers, so we want our participants to feel that they have gained more than just technical know-how and fitness. Furthermore, our program is designed to help student athletes learn to organize, prioritize, and execute plans toward, not only sporting goals, but also life goals.


    Promote Nordic sport as part of a healthy, outdoor lifestyle
    Help athletes maximize their potential as racers
    Teach skiers waxing technique and ski maintenance
    Provide opportunities to travel and connect with other skiers around the state and country
    Experience the adventure and recreational opportunities that the valley has to offer
    Develop a close knit, supportive team atmosphere

    Have fun!

  • Team Events


    The Magic Meadows 7

    The Magic Meadows 7 is a Criterium Style Nordic Ski and Fundraiser for the Crested Butte and Gunnison Nordic Teams.  From the Sprouts to the Competition Team, we would like to share a day of fun and skiing, while we raise money to support the team as it continues to grow. To this end, each skier who registers to be in a CBNT program will also be automatically entered to participate in the Magic Meadows 7 at no additional cost. We expect every skier to help make this event special again.

    The Magic Meadows 7 is right around the corner!  Last year, the Devo and Comp Teams raised $7,000.  This year, with a bit more planning and the inclusion of the entire Team including the Sprouts, Scouts, and Explorers, we are hoping to raise $15,000.  This money enables us to continue to provide excellent affordable after school programming for children around the Valley.

    Here’s how you can help:


    Collect pledges from friends and family.

    • Use the attached pledge sheet to have your child collect and record pledges.
    • Input pledges using our online pledge form.

    Tell your friends about the event.

    Take part in the weekly pledge challenge.

    • Each Tuesday, we will tally all pledges entered in the online pledge form over the previous week.  The team member with the most pledges that week will win the weekly prize.

    We are super psyched for a great event and appreciate your family’s involvement!  If you have any questions or would like to help in any other way, contact

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    The Gunnison Valley Kids Race Series

    The Gunnison Valley Kid’s Nordic Race Series is back for a second year of fun and pressure-free races for kids 13 and under. There will be four races this year, each with a different format. Prizes will be awarded at the end of each race as well as a cumulative awards ceremony at the last race. Please join us in celebrating Nordic ski racing for young kids in the valley this year. As always, there will be lots of hot chocolate, treats and fun ways to go fast on skis.



The Masters Training Group

  • What is the Masters Training Group?

    It’s always easier to ski faster and work on technique when others are doing it with us!  Join our coaching team and other ski racing enthusiasts for intervals and technique tips weekly throughout the winter.

    How It Works

    Each session will include a fun warmup, tips on the technique focus for the day, then break into 3 groups for more individualized skiing.  Each session will have a faster, more technically advanced group, a mid level group and a more basic technique and fitness group.  Each group will do intervals and technique skills appropriate for ability and fitness.  Our emphasis is on skiing faster by skiing better and is “coaching lite” – tips while skiing.   All abilities are welcome, but experience in both classic & skate is important as the emphasis will be on improving technique and fitness to ski faster.

  • Schedule

    Email for the fall schedule.

    We meet Tuesday and Thursday, 12:15-1:30, throughout the winter.  Most weekends will have an easy distance ski, or video during the Alley Loop Citizen’s Series races.  Our meeting spot changes each session for variety and best conditions.   Weekly training schedule is posted each Sunday evening.

  • Sign Up!

    The coaching fee is $100 for the full 2016-17 season.

    Sign Up
    To be included on the Masters Training Group list, email

    Sign Up Here>>>



The Gray Hares

The Gray Hares are a social group of outdoor enthusiasts (age 50 and beyond) who enjoy nordic skiing and/or snowshoeing on the Center’s beautifully groomed trails or in the local more wilderness areas like Cement Creek, Washington Gulch, Snodgrass or into the town of Gothic.

The Gray Hares ski from 9:30 to 11:30 every Wednesday morning, meeting at the Nordic Center, from mid-December through mid-March.  While the program is free, Ski passes and rental equipment can be purchased at the Nordic Center prior to each class.

We come from a variety of backgrounds and locations around the US to enjoy the camaraderie of skiing with old friends while making new ones who have found this unique town of Crested Butte.  Many of us hike, bike or trek during the rest of the year and enjoy the fitness aspect of nordic skiing during the snowy months.

This lively group also sets an example for giving back to the community by volunteering to assist with activities including the annual gear swap in November, holiday decorating the Nordic Center, the Alley Loop race in February, and the Grand Traverse held in March.

The weekly ski plan is sent to members via email early each week and soon can be found through the website at . The leaders also offer opportunities for more in-depth instruction in both classic and skate techniques for those aspiring to a higher level of nordic ability.  A ski waxing technique is offered early in the season to instruct participants on the basic steps for maintaining the bases of skis and selecting the best glide and kick waxes for conditions and temperatures.

Contact person for the Gray Hares is Jane Banks :



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