We just had the most amazing Thanksgiving Camp ever

We just had the most amazing Thanksgiving Camp ever

The staff, coaches, and volunteers made it the biggest, best, and most memorable Camp to date.

Our 2017 coaching staff.

Good Skiing

It’s hard to believe, but the skiing at this year’s Camp was actually good.  Our grooming crew did an amazing job.  Lily Lake was fantastic as usual with great coverage and tracks for both skate and classic.  It can be hard to get up there but it is worth the reward.  Ruthie’s Run on the bench was… skiing.  And skiing in Town at that.  There was a bit of grass sticking up but no rocks to be found!  While it became very warm and rainy in other parts of the country, our snow held up relatively well through the week.

The skiing up at Lily Lake was top notch.

A Few Things Made this Camp Special

First, we were able to give intimate, personalized coaching to our participants.  We even did trailside video analysis.   Also, our kids camp provided a place for parents to drop their kids and then go ski.  And finally, we had a celebrity guest coach, Nathan Schultz who is a former US Ski Team member, founder of Boulder Nordic Sport, and all around Nordic guru.  Nathan taught a wax clinic, coached, and joined in on a panel discussion at our Thanksgiving Party.  

The kids camp provided a place for parents a safe, fun place to drop their kids and go ski!

Fischer Demos

To top that all off, the crew from Fischer, Swix, and Toko were here providing wax help and demoing the latest and greatest boots, skis, and poles.  If you haven’t tried skin skis yet, you’re missing out (we have some at the Nordic Center).

Word of Praise

This Camp was beyond my wildest expectations.  I learned so much but I had so much fun.”  

“You guys rock!  This is the best camp ever!”

You may just start to see more nordic skiers in Crested Butte over Thanksgiving in the years to come.  Don’t worry, they’re friendly.