Skiing With Dogs

Exercise for you and your pup.

Dogs are welcome on some of our cross-country ski trails. Trails cross a combination of public and private lands, and different trail easements have different kinds of restrictions on dogs, bikes, walking, etc. Please be sure to understand where you can go and what rules you need to follow with your dog so that we can all get along out there! Check out all Our Trails. 

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Dog Trail Policy

You may only ski with your dog on dog-friendly trails.
Dog passes must be displayed on your dog or on the owner.
All dogs must have trail passes. Season passes are $80 per dog.
It’s free to ski with your dog on Town Ranch.
No more than two dogs per skier.

Please keep your dog under control at all times.
Dogs must always be within sight of owner.
Dogs MUST be leashed on the Rec Path that starts on Elk Ave.

Dog waste must be picked up immediately on trails or in the parking lot and disposed of in a dog waste station. Please do not leave waste-bag on trailside.
Be courteous to other skiers and snowshoers.
Control your dog when other skiers are approaching.
Respect private property.

Dog-Friendly Trails

East Side Trails

Town Ranch
#11 Riverbend Trail
#15 Rec Path (leash required)

West Side Trails
West Side Trails (except Kapushion) require a trail pass for skiers and dogs.

The Kapushion Alley (no passes required)
#4 Pooch’s Paradise
#5 Beaver Trail
#8 Mike’s Mile

Please do your part to keep dogs welcome on our trails.

Violations of the Dog Policies may result in the suspension or revocation of your dog’s pass and/or of your pass.

Check Out Our Trails

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