Sat December 1, 2018

Groomed today – Ruthie’s Run, Town Ranch, Rec Path, Teo Connector and the West Side are being groomed this morning. West Mike’s Mile is closed for Avalanche Danger.

Recommended skiing today is Ruthie’s Run. It was groomed last this morning

For a full report go to or follow this link

Groomers Discussion-

Teocalli Connector and the Rec Path are open.

Fresh snow is never a bad thing except when it goes all day on our trails. All of this snowfall is hindering the glide now but will help us out all winter! A good snowpack in November and December will preserve the trails into the spring.

The snow is forecasted to stop around noon today if that helps plan your skiing. Otherwise snow is in the forecast on and off tomorrow and Monday. In between (tonight) temps will plummet and tomorrow will be firm but slow.

More East Side Trails forthcoming!