New Years Day 2018

New Years Day 2018

Groomed Today: Ruthie’s Run,

Groomed Yesterday: Ruthie’s Run

Comments: From our Director Christie Hicks who toured the trails yesterday!

The Bench is skiing great, though the west side of the stadium is thin and there is an ice flow on the far west side of Ruthie’s run. It is hard to get around right now. Be on the look out for ice on the far west end. We groomed a cut through just before the ice.

Pooches’ Paradise from town is now closed. It’s just too thin out there. Please respect the closures.

From the Gronk to the Alien shack is very… sporty. There are lots of willows in the classic track, there is a big ice flow on the first downhill, and there are rocks. Rough Natural Conditions Exist.

From the Alien Shack to the Yurt is also getting thin. Big rocks and bare patches are starting to show. Ski with Caution and Watch for Obstacles.

From the Yurt turn-off through Mike’s Mile, it’s variable but alright. The exception to this is the first bridge is a sheet of ice. Rough Natural Condition and Patches of Ice present on Mike’s Mile.

Please ski with caution, we are doing everything we can to improve our variable conditions but Mother Nature is winning!