SkiGo Wax Service


Alley Loop SkiGo Wax Service is on a first come, first serve basis.  This service is provided by Crested Butte Nordic in partnership with Boulder Nordic Sport.  For the fastest skis sign up for the pro service.  We will be servicing a maximum of 50 pairs of skis.  You can reserve a spot for the wax service when you register.


Drop off

Please try to drop your skis off at the Crested Butte Nordic Center Thursday afternoon, or at the latest – by Noon on Friday, February 3rd.  Any skis not received by this time will be crossed off of the list.


Basic LF $29

An application of the low fluorocarbon wax of the day.

For recreational skiers.


Racer HF $45

An application of low fluorocarbon graphite with a topcoat of the high fluorocarbon wax of the day.

For racers.


Pro Service $75

A hydrocarbon base layer, an application of the high fluorocarbon wax of the day, and a top coat of pure fluorocarbon powder.

For the fastest skis out there.