Masters Community Week of 12-3-18

Greetings Masters Skiers! Thank you all for being a part of our new and expanded program. Over 50 local adult skiers have already joined our on-snow sessions with more joining daily. This weekly email will give you all of the details for the coming week with some recaps, pics, videos, tips and more. Please make sure you have your email inbox set to accept emails from so you don’t miss out. Bookmark our Masters Community Youtube Channel to see our skiers in action. Registration is still open for our programs, please spread the word and share the signup link.

This week all group sessions will meet at the Nordic Center. Please arrive early if you need/want rental gear.

Learn to skate for free – Wednesday Noon. This session is perfect for your friends who want to experience skate skiing for the first time. Rental gear is included but space is limited so register online

Classic Level 2Wednesday 9 AM with Kelsey, Sunday 10 AM with Jenn. Enhancing the glide of your diagonal stride. We will build efficiency with the diagonal stride and learn how to add more glide with the poles.

Skate Level 2 – Saturday 9 AM with Joellen. Enhancing the skate glide. Ideal body position and weight transfer coupled with proper poling to generate forward motion.

Classic Level 3 – Saturday 10 AM with Toni. Advanced poling techniques. Proper timing and body position to maximize poling power. Kick double pole, double pole and diagonal stride will be covered.

Skate Level 3 – Wednesday 11 AM with Molly, Saturday 11:15 AM with Toni. Mastering V1 poling technique. V1 is the go-to technique for hill climbing, a necessary skill to master for skiing CB trails. Timing, proper body position, changing tempo and alternating sides will be covered.

Performance Group – Tuesday and Thursday at Noon with Murray, Toni & Cam. “Training smarter yields bigger gains than training harder.” This week the focus will be on longer, slower intervals with emphasis on efficient technique. Your choice classic or skate. Key points to focus on will be skiing tall in the hips to keep weight forward, increasing gluteal engagement and glide. High hands and elbows to maximize core engagement. Hill climb tempo changes. More double pole, KDP, V2 & V2A for speed.

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