Masters Community Week of 12-10-18

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Classic Ski Session Details for the week of 12-10-18
Please meet at the Nordic Center for all sessions

Learn to ski for free – Classic Style – Wednesday Noon. This session is perfect for your friends who want to experience cross-country skiing for the first time. Rental gear is included but space is limited so register online.

Classic Level 2 – Wednesday 9 AM with Kelsey, Sunday 10 AM with Jenn. Uphill skiing. Proper technique for uphill efficiency.

Classic Level 3 – Saturday 10 AM with Toni. Hill skiing. Effective techniques for climbing and descending with confidence.

Skate Ski Session Details for the week of 12-10-18 ​
Please meet at the Nordic Center for all sessions

Skate Level 2 – Saturday 9 AM with Joellen. Uphill skating. Proper technique for uphill efficiency.

Skate Level 3 – Wednesday 11 AM with Kevin, Saturday 11:15 AM with Toni. Hills – climbing and descending with efficiency and competence.

Gray Hares skiing for the week of 12-10-18
The Gray Hares are a social group of outdoor enthusiasts (age 50 and beyond) who enjoy nordic skiing and/or snowshoeing on the Center’s beautifully groomed trails or in the local more wilderness areas like Cement Creek, Washington Gulch, Snodgrass or into the town of Gothic.
Wednesday at 9:30 at the Nordic Center – Meet for a group ski on the Bench, followed by decorating the tree! Your choice of classic or skate technique. Season pass holders get free rentals so try out some of the new Fischer classic TwinSkin skis.

Performance Group Details for the week of 12-10-18
Super training sessions last week team! Drills are building technique while we keep the intervals at a moderate pace. We will ramp the intensity up as we approach Alley Loop week.

Tuesday: MEET AT THE YURT 12:10, warmed up and ready for a few quick drills and uniquely fast intervals (fast as in lots of gradual downhills, minimal ups – so lots of double pole, kick double pole, V2 and V2A); Interval session will be progressive… 2×5 min @ L2, 2×5 min @ L2.5, 2×5 min @ L3 – each person may choose how many intervals to do and how fast to do them
Coach Toni on Classic skis, Coaches Cam & Murray on Skate skis; your choice of technique.

Thursday: MEET AT THE YURT 12:10, skiing there is our warmup. 10-15 minutes new drills, 40 min progressive intervals, continued focus on best technique in flat, fast terrain.
Coach Toni on classic skis, coach Cam on skate skis.

Snow & track conditions are great for classic and skate technique with the current weather forecast looking slightly more favorable for skate Tuesday and classic Thursday.