It’s Like Being a Carpenter


By the end of the Thanksgiving Camp, the snow base on the trails was getting a little thin here and there.  Correspondingly, the groomers switched away from the cats and to the light, snowmobile-based grooming rig to avoid worsening the snow surface.  With only one light rig, the first of two groomers began grooming around 4:00 A.M. and the second groomer was instructed to report at 7:00 A.M., banker’s hours for a groomer.

Keith, the Executive Director, had identified some spots on Ruthie’s Run that needed shoveling.  So, when the first groomer was done grooming, Keith and the two groomers formed a shoveling crew of three that snomo-ed around Ruthie’s and shoveled snow onto areas of thin coverage.  The conversation quickly entered typical male subjects such as classical music, Renaissance Venetian art, and the meaning of life.  Finally, the most typical of all male conversational topics arose, machinery.

Two groomers and the E.D. all deliberated aloud the merits of grooming equipment and the optimal such equipment for CB Nordic to possess.  That’s when Keith got deep, “it’s like being a carpenter” he offered.  The two groomers listened and Keith illuminated the subject.

‘When you’re a carpenter, you start out with a few, not very good tools.  As you go, you get more and better tools.  Later, you’ve got just the right tools, no extra tools, and nice tools that match your maturing skill.  By the end of your career, your tools are a reflection of your craft at a master’s level.’

Keith was pointing at something more than a little important.  CB Nordic is in the business of crafting a communal home in the Upper Gunnison Valley.  Wallace Stegner speaks of creating a society to match our Western scenery.  CB Nordic engages in that work to create a shared, masterfully built “home,” one to match both CB’s place and its sense of place.

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