Holiday Ski Prep


Just a quick post here.  On days like today and the ones predicted in the forecast, striding is terrific.  Cold conditions can shorten glide on skate skis but on classic skis shortened glide is at least not as big of a deal.  And the kick is great.

Green category waxes like Swix’s VR30 or Rode’s Green Special worked very well today in tracks all over the CB Nordic system.  The Rode seems a little more free (faster when gliding) but the Swix seemed to have a little better grip.  This category of wax is hard to go wrong in, most any brand will do.

Even blue category waxes will often work in these cold, green conditions.  They usually are not quite as free or fast.  So if you feel like simplifying your life, just use the blue that you have.

Green paraffins will nail the glide too.  See for a brief rundown.

For skiers who are beginning to enjoy classic technique more, learning to heat in a binder layer first will really help with durability and quality of kick.  That might be a subject for later.

Happy Holidays!  This is great skiing with the whole system open except Middle Earth and Mordor, each of which need more coverage to be groomed and opened.

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