Go The Distance

That’s right, “go the distance,” because CB Nordic is building a field of dreams so you need to come and go the distance.  If you’re thinking about doing so at the Alley Loop, you’re gonna need glide or kick and glide both at once.

Glide, keep it simple, go here.  If it were my waxing prep, I would free my mind of worry and have Holmenkol Matrix Blue on hand, something in the green category as back-up, and that’s all.  If you feel like experimenting, Vauhti HF or LF blue are paraffins that work very well for me.  If you are paranoid, keep a red on hand like Swix HF Red or Vauhti HF Pink.  I’ve used the HF Pink in three winters across two hemispheres and it’s nice stuff.

If you just can’t get enough of glide waxing, experiment with a graphite (anti-static) undercoat of glide paraffin.  In new, falling, or fresh snow this type of paraffin will most likely slow you down so be careful.  In other types of snow, especially in the Rockies, this undercoat should be noticeable in its ability to make skis faster.  Ski*Go makes a great graphite paraffin.

Kick is a matter of, not in order, applying kick wax of the day on race day.  But, to ski 10 or 21 or even 42 kilometers without wearing off one’s kick wax takes one little secret of ski prep technique, a heated in baselayer.

Take an old iron at a lower temperature setting, or a heat gun (a hair dryer will work), or even your waxing iron at a low temperature setting and prepare to heat in kick wax.  If you use your primary waxing iron, just wipe its surface clean when you’re done.

Find your kick zone (it should be sanded lightly) and crayon in a baselayer of kickwax about an inch or two shy of each end of your kick zone.  Then heat it so it’s mildly molten.  If you’re using an iron, smooth the baselayer of kickwax.  Let it cool some but not all the way.  Smooth it out with a cork.  Now you’re ready for wax of the day to go on on top in 3-5 more thin, smooth layers; each shorter than the previous.

Here are some baselayer recommendations.

  • Vauhti Super Base.  Best in abrasive snow that’s like sandpaper and wears off kick wax quickly.
  • Vauhti K-Base.  This base wax will lend some kick properties to your subsequent layers, especially in typical Rocky Mountain conditions like green, blue, and low violet range days.
  • Toko Green.  A versatile baselayer kickwax that also lends kick across a broad range of conditions.
  • Swix Blue Extra.  If it’s just a perfect day, this works great and is simple.

It’s probably best to experiment with these techniques before applying them in an event.  In any case, enjoy the skiing and good luck at the Alley Loop!



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