Trail Report

January 5, 2022


Due to the resurgence in COVID-19, the warning house is CLOSED to the public. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

It’s currently snowing here in Crested Butte. We’re expected to get 8 to 16 inches today and tomorrow with some high winds.

Avalanche danger currently remains a concern, so we are keeping some of our trails closed to keep us all safe.

The trails that were groomed last night were Town Ranch connector, Ruthie’s connector, Ruthie’s West, and Ruthie’s East.

On the East side: Rec Path, Teocalli Connector, Tony’s Trail, The Maze, Town Ranch, Riverbend Trail, and Skyland PO.

The West side has not been groomed yet, but they should get out there sometime today.

Please be patient with us as we try to keep everyone safe, repair our equipment, and keep things rolling around here. Remember to reserve your gear in advance online through Gearo!

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