Trail Report

March 9, 2021


Hello! we got a bit of fresh snow yesterday ( about 1-2 inches) which was a welcome refresh of our trails! It is going to be warm again this afternoon so be prepared for some slush as the day wears on. I haven’t tried it yet but I imagine that the crust skiing in the mornings is getting pretty good at this point so get out there and ski the CRUST! Just remember to stay on public access land and don’t stray onto private property.

Most of the trail system was groomed overnight, with a few exceptions having been groomed overnight on the 7th. The only consequential trail that was not groomed overnight was Mike’s Mile. Other than that you’re good to go on fresh groom! Keep in mind it’ll probably be icier than normal in the mornings until the sun hit it since we are in the freeze thaw.

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