Trail Report

March 24, 2020


The full trail system was groomed this morning- a huge thanks to our groomers, Kevin and Doug, for their diligent efforts in keeping our trails groomed. It should be a fantastic day out there.

CB Nordic may have closed the doors to the Nordic Center, but we continue to operate: we are grooming trails, renting equipment (online with outdoor pickup/drop-off), and doing our part to make sure our community has a safe and healthy outlet during these times. We need YOU to do YOUR part, by abiding by all rules of the trails. Please do not think, say, or act like CB Nordic is closed and you can do whatever you want. If this attitude and behavior continues, we will have to close our trails. It is critical now, more than ever, that you (and especially your dog) follow the rules of the trails. Most of our trails go through private property, and if you choose to disregard the rules, we will be forced to close those trails.

So what to do?? Look at our trail map:

Purple: You can do (almost) anything you want on the purple trails. Walk, walk your dogs, bike, ski, etc. Just please stay on them, and don’t venture off on your own.

Orange: You can take dogs on Orange: Max 2 per person.

Red: Ski or Snowshoe, only. No dogs or bikes. This is not optional.

CB Nordic does not make up these rules- they are conditions of our landowners- but we have to enforce them if we want to groom trails. Please please please, help us keep these trails open by abiding by these simple rules. Thank you!!

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