Trail Report

January 12, 2021


Its cold today! The East Side has been groomed, as well as Ruthie’s Run. The West side received a groom yesterday. It is so cold and firm that all of the trails are holding frim and hopefully by the afternoon will warm up enough so as not to feel so scratchy. Its going to be sunny and calm today. The sun will keep you warm even if the air wont!

Hello people of Earth! Remember it may be -12°F here in Crested Butte, but the high today in Cabo San Lucas is a balmy 72°. Just imagine, if you will: A margarita in your hand relaxing on the beach listening to the waves on the shore. You have to get up and find shade because the sun is too hot, and subsequently burn your feet on the sand walking back to the cabana where you have another beautifully crisp marg just waiting to top off the empty glass. Its so hot that while you doze in the shade of the cabana you dream of cooler days; days filled with miles of empty skin track, fresh powder, and fresh corduroy as far as the eye can see. You dream that its so cold that when you venture out in the morning the air is so still that the air itself is almost frozen. Your breath creates little icicles that form on your eyelashes and brows and when you look through the aspens into the morning sun it seems as if the branches are made of delicate crystal that reflect the light like the chandeliers in the Bolshoi theater. As you dream you are reminded of the serenity of a cold, quiet winter morning and you secretly wish that you weren’t sitting in a sweltering cabana, sweating your way through the afternoon. A particularly large wave set rolls onto shore waking you from dreams of winter. The final sips of margarita disappear, as the sun drops over the water. When it finally falls below the horizon, a coolness falls over the beach and a thought strikes your margarita filled head: It seems, no matter where you are, that you always dream of things that are just out of reach. When you wake on a cold morning in January you dream of the beach, when you finally get to that beach you dream of the cold days of winter. You decide to make a promise to yourself. You resolve to take each day as it comes, to appreciate the hot and the cold, the good and the bad, the margaritas and the hot toddys, the beach days and the pow days.

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