Trail Report

January 7, 2021


Most of the trail system received a swipe overnight. Pooches’ Paradise to Magic Meadows to Mike’s Mile is fresh. Also, Town Ranch, Tony’s Trail, and Teocalli Connector are fresh as well.

As for what did not receive a groom last night: Conditions are holding great! They are holding firm and fast because the wind has been relatively calm and no new snow has fallen since Tuesday.

No new snow is in the forecast for the foreseeable future. So, it looks as though the current trail openings are going to remain and new trail openings will be dependent on new snow. We are currently at 74% of average snowpack for this time of year. CBMR is reporting 83″ of snow for the season. For comparison in 2016/2017 we had 159″ of snowfall to this date, and last season we only had 68″ of snow. I would say we are doing pretty well considering!

Let’s just say, in light of recent events, that I’m happy there is snow on the ground and that we can call this amazing valley home.

Wax Recommendations for Saturday’s Race:

Glide: Toko Blue, Swix PS 6 (Blue)

Kick: Iron in Toko Base Binder, then 3 layers of Swix V30 (Blue), Toko Blue, or SkiGo XC Blue.

For Extra Kick: Use Swix V40, Toko Red, or Skigo XC Violet for top layer.

8:35 am
Air Temp
Snow Temp
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