Trail Report

January 28, 2021


Calm and barely overcast. Everything was groomed yesterday evening, but for a couple outliers: see the GPS map of the cats and grooming times below. The very light dusting of snow on the corduroy will make for easier balance if skating, but the new snow flakes will require wax made for snow slightly colder than what is present.

PS6 for glide, and V40 with a layer of V30 on top for kick.

Warning: we opened the Maze Loop, the Old Ditch Trail, and Gulch Connector yesterday only to have them filling with water by this morning.  So they are back to being closed. We tried, but there is still a lot of water out there and skiing these trails is highly discouraged.  You will jeopardize your equipment or get your feet wet. Much of the water is freezing on the surface turning it to rock hard ice.

That being said, it should be incredible out there today on our open trails!

Sign up for the Alley Loop while you still can.

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