Trail Report

January 21, 2021


Quintessential falling snow this morning, straight down, lightly – not a breath of wind.

Everything was groomed last night.

Precipitation will continue for most of the day.

Swix V30 for kick, and Swix PS6 for Glide.

Groomer’s Warnings:

  • Bridges are suffering from lack of snowpack. A few have bare spots.
  • The Rec Path and Skyland PO have exposed concrete on them. We will hold off grooming until after this next storm.
  • The ‘Natural Feature’ at Mikes Mile bridge 2 is winning. We’ve groomed around it and marked the hole with orange stanchions.
  • These little bits of snow have been great for grooming but not enough to solve the bigger problem. We’ve just gone under the snowfall totals from 2012, one of the worst winters recently.
  • Rudy’s Rollers East is also bare and rocky and won’t see grooming until we get more snow.

Have fun out there today, and remember to sign up for the Alley Loop if you have not already done so!

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