Trail Report

January 14, 2021


The skies are a slightly hazy and overcast, and a gentle wind is making it feel colder than it is.

Everything was groomed last night.

The trails have crisped up since being groomed, and a very light skiff of windblown new snow has filled in some of the corduroy and tracks.

A Toko Blue may be your best bet for glide today, while a layer of Swix V40 with a layer of Swix V20 on top may give you the best kick for current conditions.

Ruthie’s Run still maintains the best conditions for performance skiing.

Get in those kilometers, the Alley Loop is just around the corner!

Upcoming Events:
Citizen Series Preparation Race: this Saturday: 10/20k Skate <—– Ceci n’est pas une registration link
Alley Loop Registration is now open: If you’d like to compete in all 4 distances this year: 42k skate, 21k skate, 10k, and 5k! This year, you CAN have it all. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to absolutely destroy yourself in the name of nordic skiing and be able to brag to your grandkids (or anyone who will listen) that you skied 63k in a day.

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