Trail Report

February 18, 2021


Would you look at that blue sky!

All the newest grooming happened yesterday evening, and to have the best understanding of it scroll down to the color coded list of what was groomed and when; but of note, Pooch’s Paradise, Paradise Park and Mike’s Mile are fully open on the West Side, and Middle Earth Connector, Old Ditch Trail and Washington Gulch Connector are fully open on the East Side.

While today offers a temperature swing of around 20 degrees, it won’t get much above 20 degrees Fahrenheit. These cold temps should make for hard snow, with the exception of areas that get continuous sun for part of the day. If you haven’t already changed your wax in the last couple days, you may want colder wax for both kick and glide.

Enjoy the reopened terrain and spectacular views today!

8:29 am
Air Temp
Snow Temp
Predicted High