Trail Report

April 1, 2021


It is beautiful and clear this morning. The East Side and Ruthie’s Run were groomed yesterday evening, and the West Side the day before. If you hit the trails after 10:30 and before noon you may be surprised at how good conditions are. Expect softer and softer conditions into the afternoon. As per usual at this time of the year, your wax choice depends largely on the time of day you will be skiing due top the large temperature swings. Early, use Swix PS7 or even PS6 for super early and shaded glide. Later, use PS8 or even PS10. For kick go with V40 early, and V45 or V50 later in the day.

As the Spring wears on we will see more sketchy/dirty/muddy/wet spots on the trails. The areas where trails cross the streams can be problematic as well as The Maze/Ditch Trail/Middle Earth junction area. It has been wet all season and is an area that should probably be avoided.

Keep enjoying it out there, folks – it’s good.

8:14 am
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