Trail Report

November 26, 2020


Hey, Hey, Hey its Turkey day! Unless you’re vegetarian. As for myself, I plan on making a wonderful ratatouille as a main substitute for turkey, but I digress.

Its cold today and the snow from the last storm is holding up quite well. The groomers are out on Ruthie’s Run as of 8am cutting in a new classic track and grooming the skate lane.

Lily Lake was groomed yesterday (Wed the 25th). Please remember to park at the Kebler “Y” and not at the Wagon Trail crossing.

The Nordic Center is open for pass and rental pickup but do your best to reserve your on the website before coming in to help expedite your rental process!

The WEST SIDE remains closed at this time. Please stay off our Nordic trails until we have enough snow to groom.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy trails!

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