Trail Report

January 7, 2023


It was still snowing at 4:30am when both cats went out. At 7am it is slowly diminishing. It is spectacularly beautiful out here.  The forecast is for some Sunny skies today so get out there and go skiing.

Both cats will be out on the system this morning and we should have everything groomed for today.

It is possible we may get Mike’s open later today and also possible for some new East Side trails.  Stay tuned.

As you may or may not know how our common practice is to groom in the evenings so the track firms up by morning. This is ONLY when it it not snowing or blowing. Well, as you may have noticed it’s been snowing for weeks. We have been forced to groom in the morning to put out fresh corduroy before opening. This can lead to the cats being out into the morning open hours.

What are your thoughts on storm grooming and skiing?

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