Trail Report

February 20, 2021


Shabbat Shalom!

The sun just broke through the clouds, and it is set to be a beautiful day of Nordic skiing. Last night, all West side, East side, and Bench trails were groomed. Both skate and classic conditions are great for today, as we have a solid, developed snow pack now. Just a reminder, Middle Earth and Old Ditch are now open and in great skiing conditions.

For wax today, I would suggest a PS7/8 for skate, depending on what time of day you plan on skiing. As for classic, I would suggest a v45/50 for kick.

After almost a week closed due to avalanche danger/damage, all trails on the West side are open, including GB Loop, Mike’s, Paradise Park, and Pooch’s.  The West side and East side will be perfect for a mid-day to afternoon ski because they will be sunny the longest.

It is going to be an amazing day out there on the trails!


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