Trail Report

April 4, 2020


Happy Saturday! The full system was groomed yesterday. The Bench and Town Ranch got a pass this morning. The rest of the trails will be groomed this evening. Thank you for your understanding as we work with limited staff and spring conditions.

We are trying to keep these trails open for you, but it is critical that you help us by abiding by posted rules, county public health guidelines, and a little common sense:

For the love of all things- please DO NOT SKI ACROSS PEANUT LAKE. It is spring, folks. Even if you think it’s safe when YOU do it, someone might see your tracks and try it themselves too late in the day. One incident out there and we will have to shut down all the trails to everyone. Let’s keep a good community mindset out there so we can keep skiing.

Please stay on trails – most of our trails go through private property, and in those places ‘crust skiing’ is actually ‘trespassing.’ It would be in the best interest of the community if everyone just stays on the trails for now. Please go to your favorite public lands for crust skiing. Our trails are at risk.

Thanks for your understanding. Now get out there and enjoy some fresh air!


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