Trail Report

April 2, 2022


The Early bird gets the corduroy!  The other bird gets….. the mashed potatoes.  

The trails are in good shape this morning as the snowcat was able to get out when it was still warm out and soft.  Town Ranch is groomed and will set up nicely for fresh tracks in the morning.  It was affected by the recent dust event and will ski the best early.  This is the only trail in the East that is currently open.

If it is more of the white stuff you are after, head West as it appears to have held on to the recent snow.  Mikes Mile is open out to the GB loop, a great place to check out again while you still have the chance!  All West was groomed except Red Ladies, which has been affected by the recent warming temperatures.   MM1 and MM2 will remain closed for the rest of the season for the nesting of the Great Blue Heron living in the area.

The Bench and Stadium should be skiing nicely today as well.  A great chance to get some speed beneath your feet before Spring officially sets in.


See you on the trails!

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