Trail Report

April 13, 2020


Sunday, April 12 was our last day of grooming for the season. Operations staff are taking a day off today, before we continue removing bridges Tuesday and Wednesday.

There’s still snow on the ground, but it’s melting fast and our equipment has been taking a beating just getting to the trailheads. We kept up the grooming as long as we could, but we need to quit now while we’re ahead! We will take advantage of these cold temps and dropping water levels to pull the bridges out while we still can.

The mud season is tricky around here- winter trails linger for a few weeks, and summer trails slowly start to emerge. Since most of our winter trails are on Private Property, and most of the summer trails won’t be ready for a few more weeks (months?). In the interim, please avoid our old trails and head to the your nearest public land for on-snow recreation: Kebler, Slate, Washington Gulch, Gothic, Brush Creek, and Cement Creek all offer touring opportunities. Hartman’s and Signal Peak have trails open for biking and hiking.

Once again, it’s been a pleasure to serve this community throughout the winter season. Thank you!

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