Trail Report

March 20, 2020


We are down to bare-bones staff, so thanks for your patience as we try to keep up with grooming, rentals, and communications.

Hurray for snow! The skiers and reservoirs are grateful winter isn’t over yet.

All the trails were groomed this morning. Some trails are currently closed due to conditions and sensitive wildlife habitat.

With the fresh snow and warm temps, trails will be soft. It is extra important with these conditions to only ski or snowshoe on trails where those are the only activities allowed; walking and biking will damage the trails. In general, please pay attention to the signage and follow any posted rules. In particular, please stay on the trails on the East Side; these trails are largely on private land, and in order to protect access to these trails, we need to respect private land. Use our map and the CBGTrials App to know where you are and what’s allowed.

We have moved to a multi-day rental system. Season passes are required to participate. Season passes and rentals are now pay-what-you-can. Read our full update with all the details on the new systems.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during these changing times.

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