Trail Report

March 13, 2020


Good morning! Storm grooming is in progress and will continue throughout the day.  The best place to know exactly what trail was groomed most recently is to investigate the map below.  Please remember that the outermost loop of Magic Meadows next to the river is closed in order to give the herons their space as they start to arrive at their rookery this spring. The trails are tranquil and quiet with this dusting of snow! Grab your pass and enjoy the day!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nordic Center will take precautions at this time by cancelling all gatherings hosted by the Nordic Center.  This means all kids programs, lessons, Masters Community sessions, yurt dinner, yurt bistro, and outreach programs are cancelled until further notice. The Nordic Center itself will remain open for rentals and passes at this time.  This is subject to daily change and any changes will be posted here. Please do not congregate in the Nordic Center and stay away if you are sick. You are always welcome to come purchase passes for multiple days to avoid having to come in to the Nordic Center repeatedly. Grooming will continue for now, so go enjoy some tranquil trails!

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