Trail Report

April 3, 2020


The full system got groomed this morning!

Some notes on spring skiing:

  • Some trails will be closed, either periodically or permanently, due to conditions.
  • Please stay ON TRAIL on most of our system. 90+% of our trails are on private lands. In order to keep the trails open, we need to respect our landowners’ wishes by following the rules and staying out of their backyards.
  • Places you can go off trail: Washington Gulch, Slate River, Magic Meadows, Mike’s Mile, Middle Earth, Mordor.
  • Places you cannot go off trail: The entire valley bottom on the east side (The Maze), The entire Bench area (Ruthie’s Run), the valley bottom around the Beaver Trail/Pooch’s Paradise.
    • There are potentially dangerous mining hazards and sensitive ecological habitats in these areas, in addition to landowners’ wishes. 

Thank you for helping us keep our trails open by respecting these rules!

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