Trail Report

February 14, 2021


Happy Presidents Weekend! The next couple of days should be snowy, which is amazing for the base and for opening up the last bit of trails on the East Side. This morning, all open trails were groomed, including the Bench Area, the West Side, and the East Side.

Mike’s Mile is still closed due to avalanche danger and avalanche damage from the last cycle. The section of Pooch’s Paradise that was closed last week is back open, but another section of Pooch’s between Gronk and Magic Meadows is now closed. This closure is due to forecasted HIGH Avalanche Danger, and is effect on the area on the west side of Peanut Lake. To avoid this closure, ski on Beaver Trail on the other side of the lake.

You will find the best conditions early this morning in the Magic Meadows, and on the Bench. When it’s snowing, skiing in the trees is beautiful!

As it snows more today, the trails will become softer and the avalanche danger will rise. Classic will likely be better as more snow falls in the afternoon. As far as waxing goes, I would suggest a PS7 or PS8 for glide and a v45 for kick. I would also recommend an application of a Toko liquid wax to reduce the stick.

There is an Avalanche Warning in effect. There are very dangerous avalanche conditions at most elevations, and as the snow accumulates today, these concerns will include below treeline slopes. Travel on Peanut Lake Road, beyond the Gronk, is not recommended during CONSIDERABLE Avalanche Danger. Please see the CBAC or CAIC for more details.

Have fun out there on the trails today!

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