Trail Reports

December 7, 2020

Air Temp : -2
Snow Temp : 0.0

All quiet on the Western Slope. Skiing is still great on Ruthie’s Run. A break from grooming today. Yesterday’s snowmobile results were not quite an improvement to Friday’s cat pass. […]

December 7, 2020

Air Temp : 4
Snow Temp : -2

Check the map below for the most up to date trail grooming! Ruthie’s Run was groomed this morning. No new trail openings as of yet. Kebler Pass road is still […]

December 6, 2020

Air Temp : 9
Snow Temp : 15

Skating lanes on Ruthie’s West, the Sprint Course and the A Climb Loop were refreshed by snowmobile this Morning. Much of the cat corduroy is still in tact and the […]

December 5, 2020

Air Temp : -1
Snow Temp : -1.7

No break in the weather pattern has left us with another beautiful day but no new snow to groom. We took the cat up to Ruthie’s on Friday evening in […]

December 3, 2020

Air Temp : -3
Snow Temp : 0

More of the same today. We are under the influence of a sustained high pressure system. No new snow is expected until the 10th. Clear skies will be the norm […]

December 2, 2020

Air Temp : 6
Snow Temp : 3

The CB Nordic Center is finished grooming Lily Lake for the season as Gunnison County has officially stopped plowing Kebler Pass Road past the winter Trailhead. We hope you were […]

December 1, 2020

Air Temp : 12
Snow Temp : 9.2

Happy December and we are getting some fresh flakes this morning!! Our Lily Lake grooming permit was for Thanksgiving Camp and expired two days ago. Gunnison County is finished plowing […]