Trail Reports

January 28, 2020

Air Temp : 5
Snow Temp : -1.3

It’s a bluebird day with some slightly colder temperatures at the Nordic Center this morning. The West Side was groomed last night, and the East Side is being groomed this […]

January 27, 2020

Air Temp : 27.9
Snow Temp : 18.5

It’s another beautiful morning in Crested Butte! Ruthie’s and the West Side were groomed late last night/ early this morning and should be skiing well for both classic and skate. […]

January 26, 2020

Air Temp : 20
Snow Temp : 12

The East Side is back open with a fresh groom. Ruthie’s hasn’t seen a groomer in a few days, and the West Side out to the Yurt was groomed on […]

January 25, 2020

Air Temp : 32
Snow Temp : 18

It’s HOT today! Wax for warm temps and get out and have some fun in the sun. The Fat bike World Championships are today on the East Side. Go check […]

January 24, 2020

Air Temp : 10.4
Snow Temp : 6.9

Good morning CB! A sunny, glittery day in the Butte.  The trails are firm and cold today, perfect for classic or skate!  The West Side trails, Ruthie’s Run, and the […]

January 23, 2020

Air Temp : 27.0
Snow Temp : 20.8

It’s yet another snowy morning in the Butte! We got another couple inches of snow last night, and our entire trail system (except for Middle Earth and Mordor) was groomed […]

January 22, 2020

Air Temp : 26.4
Snow Temp : 20.8

Good morning!  A fresh day after the storm for some great skiing!  The entire system of open trails was groomed early this morning! This means Ruthie’s Run, East Side trails, […]

January 21, 2020

Air Temp : 27.0
Snow Temp : 16.0

It’s snowing in Crested Butte this morning! Our entire trail system was groomed last night, and should be great for both skate and classic today. We’re only expecting an inch […]

January 20, 2020

Air Temp : 3.4
Snow Temp : 1.9

Happy Monday! It’s another bluebird day in Crested Butte, and the trails are looking great! The fresh snow from last Friday has set up nicely and should be skiing well […]

January 19, 2020

Air Temp : 2
Snow Temp : 0

Hello from 2nd and Whiterock! Out the Nordic Center window this morning Red Lady is shimmering with full bluebird background. The Ski resort is reporting 7″ of fresh snow in […]

January 18, 2020

Air Temp : 10
Snow Temp : 7

Race day number 5 in the Alley Loop Race Series today out at the Magic Meadows Yurt! Conditions are fresh today and the forecast looks clear for the next few […]

January 17, 2020

Air Temp : 26.1
Snow Temp : 19

Good morning Crested Butte! New snow and high winds will make for an exciting skiing day.  The groomers are putting in some time during this storm, and will pick up […]