CB Nordic Masters Training week of 2/4/18

This is the best time of year to take our technique to a new level and set ourselves up for next season. We will have T,Th, Sun sessions this week like normal.
Tuesday 2-6-18 : Classic skiing at the Nordic Center – Noon – Hoping for some new snow on Monday, we will focus on classic skiing on the Ruthie’s Run trails. More-Ski group will turn a few laps and KDP or DP as much as possible. Technique-Ski group will hone KDP and DP technique while skiing both. If you don’t know what KDP and DP stand for, you better show up.
Thursday 2-8-18 : Skate Skiing at the Gronk – Noon – Skiing where the snow is good, (location subject to change if the trails deteriorate), V2, V2A and extending the glide will be the focus for the More-ski group. Technique-ski will hone V1 & V2 while learning the best terrain to use each discipline.
Sunday 2-11 – Gronk – 9AM – GroupSki – Skiing with a social focus at a reasonable pace. There will be a coach on hand to lead the ski and offer tips. Yurt stop with treats at the Backcountry Bistro.
See you on the trails!