Spring Sponsor Spotlights

May is a month of transition around CB, especially this year. Not only is spring hitting its stride, but our community is starting to open up bit by bit, too. This past week many businesses opened their doors for the first time in months, while others continue to only be able to operate over the phone or web. It’s been a rough end of winter for everyone, so we want to take this opportunity to give a special shout out to the Business Sponsors that helped make this past season possible. They supported us with their money, goods, and time, and now it’s our turn to support them! 

For the next few weeks we’ll be posting Sponsor Spotlights to give you a look at the amazing businesses that support CB Nordic, and we encourage you to pay them a visit, whether on the web, over the phone, or even in person. It’s more important than ever to shop small and shop local. Please do what you can to help support our friends and neighbors during this difficult time, while keeping everyone safe. 

It takes more than a snow cat to run the Nordic Center. It’s this tightly woven web of community–from skiers to donors to businesses–that make CB and CB Nordic so special. Help us ensure this continues in the future!