Spring Newsletter

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Skate skiers on Ruthie's Run near Crested Butte

Growing into the Future

Deep Roots, Reaching Branches

It’s been a season of transitions for CB Nordic.

Transitions from COVID-crisis to COVID-normal.

Transitions from scrappy to mature.

Transitions among our staff.

Transitions are natural, and in nature, trees show us how to make these transitions beautiful. Like a tree, CB Nordic has deep roots in the community. It has a strong trunk of core supporters. It has branches that grow each year with expanding programs to shelter newcomers and “oldcomers” alike. Over the last five years, our tree has transitioned from a sapling to a mature tree under the steady leadership of Executive Director Christie Hicks. As we say goodbye to Christie, Andrew, and Kim this season, we’re also saying hello to the next phase in our tree’s lifecycle.

Every year CB Nordic creates a Spring Newsletter that reflects on the season behind and the “ring” that has been added to our tree. Check out this year’s Spring Newsletter to read about all the ups and downs of this winter of transition at CB Nordic.

One quick note: the newsletter is best viewed on a computer or in landscape format on your phone, so you can best appreciate Xavier Fane’s beautiful photographs!

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You Make All the Difference

Be Part of Our Community

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Crested Butte Nordic depends on your support to keep our trails world-class and our programs top-notch. Thank you for all the time, energy, and money you donate to make us a true community nordic center.