Masters Training 1/22/18-1/28/18

Masters Training 1/22/18-1/28/18

12:00-1:30 Gronk/Magic Meadows
Skate or classic your choice, we will have coaches on both.
Coach Kevin’s Group… moderate pace on the Alley Loop course with tips on skiing various parts of the course efficiently and some moderate intervals to enhance fitness.  Coach Kevin says “our stronger skiers will do intervals in the Paradise Park hills while our newer skiers will do moderate intervals in the rolling hills around the yurt.”
Coach Cam’s Red Group with Coaches Molly & Drew… A challenging but stimulating interval session incorporating the hills in Paradise Park.  Coach Cam says “being 11 days out from the AL, this will be our last opportunity to do fast, high intensity hills; after this we begin sharpening your arrow for the AL.”
4:00-5:00, Strength with Ginny at her CORE studio.   This is our last strength session this season.
12:00-1:30, Gronk/Magic Meadows
Skate or classic your choice, we will have coaches on each.
Our coaches have designed fast, fun workouts for you… they call it “Magic Meadows” for a reason!
check the blog Friday… we would like to do a long, easy distance ski in the morning on the East Side (lot’s of flat, rolling terrain), but need to see how the weather shakes out and the grooming potential around the Fat Bike Champs.  Blog post Friday will get everyone up to speed.

Thanks to all who came out for the Magic Meadows 7 this weekend!  Lots of laps, good food, and fun as usual!

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